Safety first when it comes to Toys!



One of the key elements to Benjo Bags is toy quality and toy safety. Although party bags toys are generally pocket money toys and low cost it is essential that the toy safety is paramount and is something we will continue to check and assess with our suppliers.


Our main suppliers of toys are Henbrandt, they are based in the UK and are the leading supplier of pocket money toys. I remember I took a trip to Ipswich to visit Henbrandt when I was first starting up, I believe it is very important to visit your suppliers to understand their business and build a solid relationship. I was so impressed with the time they spent with me considering I was just a start up and we have never looked back. Their service is fantastic and their range is huge. They continue to develop and plan, to bring in new lines to meet demand and the latest crazes.


For me though, ‘having the peace of mind’ that the toys have been tested and meet the latest regulations are priceless. They are experts in their field and I know that every toy that we put in the party bags have met those strict guidelines. Obviously, children will be children and parental guidance is still required even with older children as you can never predict what can happen with children!


There are so many stories out there of toys that are cheaper and are dangerous as they haven’t met the toy regulations so we would never look to go down this cheap non-tested route.


This also gives our customers the peace of mind too that the toys can be rotated due to the large range available and that they are as safe as they can possibly be. We do toys for different age groups – so we can supply age appropriate party bags. Children want more from their toys now and we can offer the medium, cost-effective toys that will give them the age appropriate experience they desire.


For example, like special laser tag bags, with luminous shoelaces and whistles which are really popular. Bouncing putty is another favourite with the children and works for seven and eight-year-olds as well as for younger children. We could also provide the option of branded toys, such as Moshi Monsters or Match Attax, or even mini bowling and golf games, but that really depends on the nature of the Centre and how much an Operator is prepared to spend.


That’s an area where party bags will go though. They’ve historically been a cheap gift, but the private sector is using them as something more than that and I think we’ll see that come into indoor play too.


Keeping abreast of the trends and having a licensed offer is very important, but we would never move over fully to licensed lines. There are some key themes that always sell well for parties and those are pirates, princesses and football. In the licensed arena, it is Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig that have been popular and I think are here to stay.


You have to keep up with what’s new, Loom Bands a few years ago and now Fidget Spinners for example, but recognise that it might not be a strong trend. We also donate to the children’s school fete and that helps us see what works and what doesn’t.



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