The Name Game!

And just like that the whirlwind of Christmas is over! Our attentions are now turning to the New Year and, better yet; New Years Parties! 


If you’re hosting a New Year’s Eve party this year why not add an Ice Breaker to the mix? New Year Parties can be daunting to host and even more daunting to attend if you don’t know everyone there, so an Ice Breaker is a great way to get people talking!


The Name Game is a great Ice Breaker. All you need to do is write out celebrity names on a slips of paper, ball them up and drop them into a hat. When a guest arrives get them to choose a slip of paper and then tape it to their back. The aim is for them to ask people questions to work out what celebrity name they have tapped on their back! It’s a great way of getting people mingling with little effort on everyone’s part.


If you’re having, or going to, a New Year’s Eve Party have a great time!


Happy New Year!