Christmas Day Hunt

It’s easy for Christmas day to pass by with a bit of a stressful blur, with a dinner big enough to feed an army to cook and excitable kids running around it can make the whole day feel quite stressful.


Keeping the kids entertained easily is a tricky task, sitting them down in front of a board game will keep them quiet for all of ten minutes before they get bored and turn their attention to the contents of their Selection Boxes, so why not keep them busy with a treasure hunt?


An idea stolen entirely from the Easter Bunny but by no means less effective! Start them off with a clue and let them go from there. You could use Candy Canes or chocolate bars as the bait…or if you want to give them a real challenge hide all of their presents!


No squabbling, no unauthorised chocolate consumption, and¬†happy, entertained kids! It’s win win.


What ever you do this Christmas we hope it’s a happy one!

Merry Christmas!