Why Children’s Party Bag Sweets and Treats Get Our Vote

Why Children's Party Bag Sweets and Treats Get Our Vote


To add sweets and treats or not – that is the question??!


Sweets have long been a staple ingredient to create the perfect party bag but with recent questions over the health of children, will we see a change to sweets being included?


Our opinion is – we hope not!  Children’s parties are part of your child’s development, where they can be with their friends and where children can be children.  Far too often society says that children should be seen and not heard so parties should be a safe zone to be silly and enjoy themselves to the max.  Let’s face it, the older you get the more responsible you have to be so let’s give children the opportunity to be children!


The same goes for sweets and treats, the older you get the more information there is regarding food and diet and this is now filtering down to our children’s diet, too.  We completely agree that a child’s diet should be healthy and educating our children on the benefits of a healthy varied diet is essential.  However, sweets at children’s parties are a must.  Benjo Bags always offer sweets to all of our customers, as sweets can be a simple addition and filler to their party bags.


For our younger children, we often include ‘Freddo’ however with the recent price increase it may mean poor ‘Freddo’ is off the party bag sweet menu! It has to be said that Haribo’s are the most popular choice, the classic mix of jelly sweets and the mini packets, ticks all the boxes for our customers and from the children too.  Closely followed by ‘Maoam Stripe’ chews – a firm favourite too.


All our customers have the flexibility to decide what works best for them and their customers and as our party bags are resealable if certain parties require sweets then the party bags can be opened and the sweets popped in ready for those specific parties.  This resealable bag is a great addition, as the birthday cake, at the end of the party can also be placed into the party bag too – that is assuming it’s not already been eaten!  We do try to think of everything at Benjo Bags!


Which sweets and treats do your customers love best?

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Colouring, Word Searches and Dot to Dot are back!!

February Blog Image


Children are spending more and more time in the digital age with an iPad, Xbox or a Wii.  Parents are becoming concerned about this, especially as a lot of homework requires an iPad or a laptop, these days, too.


So, Benjo Bags are looking at ways to help reintroduce the ‘good old’ children’s party activities that not only help with children’s learning but are also great fun and encourage a child’s creativity.  We think our branded party bag sleeves are the perfect way to reintroduce children back to the world of colouring, word searches, mazes and good old, dot to dot!


The games and activities also serve a purpose, as any parent will know your child will be like a sweet fuelled ‘Tasmanian Devil’ when collected from a party, still bursting with energy from the party!  The games and activities are a perfect way to relax the child and it will give them something to do in the back of the car. By the time, you have driven them home they should have returned to their normal cherub-like self!


This also has great benefit to the party venue, as your party bag will actually make it home instead of, perhaps ending up in the bin as they leave your venue. Once the party bag is at home this is where Mum and Dad can relax and they will notice your voucher code offer that can be included on your branded sleeve. Their child has just had a wonderful time at the party so what better way to create a call to action for those parents?  Our customers have all experienced great results with the use of the vouchers on their party bags to increase returning business or promote secondary spend on-site.


Colouring, word searches and dot-to-dot are back!


Games and activities can all be tailored to your customers.  Normally a party venue will have a character and/or theme, and this character or theme can be created as a colouring activity too. We can create word searches to match your party theme, whether it’s monsters, animals, etc tailored to your party venue.



All new customers ordering by the 28th February will receive

 200 branded party bags for just £150 + FREE Delivery and Design!


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‘Boys and their Toys’ but Adults love a Toy Fair!

'Boys and their Toys' but Adults love a Toy Fair!


My name is Neil Bennett and I absolutely love party bag toys – that felt like a confession but it’s true! Although some parents loathe them – why? Simple reason, parents have forgotten what it is like to be a child!


Quite frankly, a party is not a party without a party bag.  It can be a very competitive world and a headache for parents when sourcing the contents.  As some children, think this is the best part of getting invited to a party. It starts with the anticipation of what will be in there and because every parent has a different budget, idea, and theme and there are no toys on the block, all the time, so no two party bags are the same. This is where Benjo Bags comes in – click here!


Yes, the standard party bag contents are low-cost toys and fillers but parents have forgotten that some of those low-cost toys can give a child hours of fun and enjoyment and keeps them off their electronic devices.


What was 2016’s best-seller?


Take last year’s best-selling pocket money toy, a small ‘Yellow Stretchy Man’.  This is a million miles away from the children’s generation of iPad and on-demand TV, or games consoles but he is well loved for just being able to stretch.


It may be “Boys and their Toys” but Adults can still love a Toy Fair too! | Benjo Bags



How do I apply this to my business?


I take the view in my customer meetings to not focus solely on the toys when we discuss our party bags.  As long as the toys are rotated and kept current, then you cannot go wrong. The beauty of Benjo Bags is we can provide our customers with this rotated, fresh stock.  We can normally tailor the party bags to meet our customer’s budgets by using differently costed toys/fillers.


With three children, myself, aged 3, 7 and 10 years old, I have the perfect honest market researchers on hand.  All our toys are given the “Benjo brood” seal of approval by my children. Remember what they think is cool is completely different to what a parent will think is cool……!


So where do I get my inspiration for Benjo Bags and stay current?


The Toy Fair is great for my inspiration and after all, we’ve all heard of ‘Boys and their Toys’ but Adults love a Toy Fair! It’s the chance to be a big kid again!  Although some of the toys are not for party bags it gives a guide to what‘s new in the market and what will be the next big thing.  ‘Boys and their Toys’ but Adults love a Toy Fair!


The history of the Toy Fair is amazing – for example, did you know; “In 1958, the Hula-Hoop was the toy of the moment, Plasticine celebrated 50 years and Frisbees took off!”


After all, these trends will always filter into the party bags in time and Benjo Bags pride ourselves in being the UK’s No. 1 branded party bag provider and at the top of our game.



‘Toy Fair 2017’ is held on the 24th – 27th January at Olympia

Click here for more details

Let me know if you are also attending and we can meet for a coffee!



If you would like to discuss your customer’s budgets and the range of toys available,

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Should Staff Be Preparing Party Bags?

Should Staff Be Preparing Party Bags? | Benjo Bags


The simple answer is ‘NO’ companies that are using their staff to pack their party bags are not utilising their staffs time correctly. There could, perhaps, be other roles that are equally as important in supporting your business and driving it forward.


Did you know that most of our clients expressed the ‘pain’ that they would go through to create their own party bags?  


They would spend unnecessary time searching for the latest fashionable or on-trend party bags. This is before any thought, research, and ordering of suitable contents/toys, for the inside.  As not only did they need different options for the different ages and a mix of boys or girls or both – they also needed to keep on top of packing the party bags week in, week out. This proved quite difficult during busier periods, staff shortages or when there was a last-minute booking.


In many cases, this is the norm and can become a large job for a staff member to just manage and track, even before the packing element comes into it.


So, this is where Benjo Bags can help you and your business!


We work with you to maximise your party potential. We know that each of our clients is an individual with different needs and budgets for their business, be it a single site or multiple sites.  


What do we offer?


At Benjo Bags, and first and foremost, we provide our clients with a party bag that meets their requirements and is tailored to their business. Our unique concept contains a branded sleeve which drops neatly into a clear grip, sealed bag with a handle. The branded sleeve incorporates your company logo creating an engaging party bag.  This gives you a fantastic opportunity to market your business including website and social media.


The sleeve is designed in such a way that you have voucher areas at the top of each sleeve to advertise your offers to both existing and potential new customers.


Consider the potential marketing opportunity to all the visiting parents collecting their children after a fantastic party. Just adding an offer on an ‘Off Peak Return Pass’ has benefited our clients ‘return visit’ numbers. As it is your party bag, you will have an opportunity to change or adjust offers so that they can match other marketing or the seasonal changes in your business throughout the year.


Benjo Bags also fill your branded bag with a variety of toys and can be age related, for boys, girls and/or a mixed party. Our experience with ‘what is hot’ and ‘what’s not’ with toys and fillers can help in choosing the right toys and fillers so that you don’t have to keep up to date with every trend or playground faze. Most importantly at the budget that is right for you.


What makes Benjo Bags different?


  1. Personal customer service
  2. Low minimum order
  3. Low cost
  4. Short lead time
  5. Voucher code
  6. Branded or bespoke party bag
  7. Activity sleeve
  8. Quality toys


We hope you enjoyed reading an insight into Benjo Bags.  We pride ourselves in a high level of customer satisfaction. Read some of our testimonials here.



Thank you for your support in 2016 and wishing you a Merry Christmas

and a Happy New Year!

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Maximise Your Parties With Branded Party Bags

Branded Party Bags


With parties in soft play centres generating over 30% of their total revenue, it is imperative that each party is maximised to their full potential. What better way to market your business to first time customers with engaging and unique branded party bags?


We work in partnership with our clients on an individual basis to create branded party bags that reflects your branding and company image, tailored to your budget and with our unique voucher code area, we provide a fantastic opportunity to market to all of the parents of every party goer.


Our clients have all found the voucher code area successful and have generated extra revenue in various different ways. As this party bag is unique to your business the design can be changed including the vouchers and offers.


Target off peak periods when your centre is quiet by offering your customer discounted entry or an incentive to return.


Encourage the parents of all those party children with a party booking offer to maximise your booking potential.


Encourage visitors with a focused offer so that first time customers become returning customers.


This is a great way to capture information about your customers, and increase your database.


• Branded party bag
• Vouchers to increase revenue
• Completely customisable to match branding
• Quick turnaround
• Unique to the party industry
• Price to match your budget
• Each order can be tailored to your requirements
• Tangible return on investment
• Added value to the parties


Say goodbye to those generic party bags and let us help you maximise your party potential.


All clients have different requirements and we offer all our services with a personal touch to ensure you receive a unique product that is suited to your business.


Engages the child – Parents get an offer – You get your branding!


Don’t delay and contact us today and let our branded party bags help you maximise your party potential.