Plan for the busy party period now…

Without wishing the Summer away we know that all of the customers will be hoping for rain over the Summer as the weather plays havoc with indoor play centres. This is the perfect time of year to plan for the hectic months ahead once the Schools return and Benjo Bags can help in more ways than one.




Are your party bags branded with your company logo and company colours? If not, why?


Having your branding on a party bag is a must; it is a marketing opportunity not to be missed. Each party is showcasing your company to new potential customers if their son or daughter has a fantastic time you can be sure they will want to return. We have put a unique twist on a traditional party bag and created a fantastic party bag that is also a great marketing tool.




Do your current party bags give you a Return on Investment? If not, why?


Our party bags are so unique that we can say they are the only party bags on the market that give our customers a ‘Return on Investment’. Our customers have benefited from driving sales and return business using the voucher code area on our party bags. This voucher area can be used at different times of the year to link in with other marketing or to just boost sales or footfall during off-peak times. The voucher code can be changed as often as our customers like so that the right vouchers are in place all year round.


Do your staff pack your party bags? If yes, why?


Take the pain out of organising the packing of your party bags and let us deliver in the quantity you require when you require them. Removing the tasks of ordering toys will save time for your staff to concentrate on more important tasks. Why store toys all year round? Free up that storage space and save buying in bulk not to mention freeing up cash flow. We can pack and complete orders in short lead times, rotate an agreed toy list so that the children are receiving a different toy selection when they return for other parties.


How often do you change your party bags? If not why?


Plan_for_the_busy_party_period_ now_Benjo_Bags


We can create different designs for different times of the year, what better way to keep you party bags looking fresh is to change the colour or design throughout the year. There are no high minimums so you don’t have to buy in bulk either.


At Benjo Bags we have ‘Bags of Ideas’ that can be included in your party bags and because our party bags are unique to each and every customer they can be tailored and changed to meet your business requirements.


We believe Benjo Bags are the perfect party bag solution on the market.


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Who will win the Summer Movie Blockbuster title?

July brings us the yearly competition of who will take the title of  ‘Summer Movie Blockbuster 2017’ and this year we have three heavyweight contenders with Cars 3, Despicable Me 3 AND Spiderman Homecoming! Who will win the Summer Movie Blockbuster title?



Just as you think that Cars as a party theme has run its course Lightning McQueen returns with his friends in the third instalment.


Check out the official trailer HERE to give you a taste of what’s in store for the latest racing adventures.


With Disney / Pixar, you know that it is going to be a classic and one for all the family to enjoy.


Who_will_win_the_ Summer_ Movie_Blockbuster_title?_BenjoBags


If it’s a laugh out loud family film you are after then Despicable Me 3 ticks all the boxes. If Gru and the Minions weren’t enough then Dru (Gru’s twin brother) and the dancing villain Balthazar Bratt will definitely have you in stitches.


Watch the trailer here!


Universal and Illumination will definitely be giving Disney / Pixar a run for their money! You can be sure that there will be an influx of yellow Minion themed parties throughout the summer.





For the slightly older children, Spiderman Homecoming sees the long awaited return of Spiderman. With Disney’s success already cemented with the Avengers and Marvel spin-off films, they are introducing Spiderman for the first time under their safe wing. It doesn’t look like it will disappoint too!


Catch the Superhero’s Homecoming Trailer Here!


This all action superhero film looks amazing and we are sure that Spiderman will be a big party theme for the next few years.


All of these films will drive business from cinema ticket sales to toy merchandise. As a party venue, you can benefit too, adding theming to your parties can add value and give you a point of difference. Benjo Bags have worked closely with our customer to create the right birthday party packages which can include licenced themes. Whether it’s Cars 3, Despicable Me 3 or Spiderman Homecoming we can supply you with the perfect party theme supplies to make your summer parties bigger than ever.


From plates, cups, napkins, table covers to banners, balloon and scene setters Benjo Bags can supply it all and in the quantities you require.


Increase your party potential by offering theming is a great way to keep your party packages fresh, let’s not forget that Christmas is creeping up on us and the next instalment of the Star Wars will be released, so do not miss out on party theming!


It looks like I will be spending most of the July weekends in the cinema but with these three summer blockbusters, I cannot wait.



If you’d like to discuss any aspect of your party bags or party supplies or party theming then please call Neil

to find out more and how he can help your business, call today on 0844 477 4944.