Why you should be offering your customers voucher codes



Our party bags offer a unique opportunity to market and promote our customers business. Our customers have all benefited from using voucher codes, they are a fantastic way of driving sales, increasing footfall and promoting new offers. Which is why you should be offering your customers voucher codes.


Why are Benjo Bags party bags so unique?


The design of our sleeve creates voucher code areas at the top of both the front and back sleeve to communicate your offers to your existing and potential customers.


A voucher offer can easily be changed and adjusted to match our customers’ current marketing plan. This ensures the vouchers are giving our customer the best opportunity for a return on investment.


For example, during the winter months, our customers can target the vouchers to increase secondary spend within their business. Footfall is always higher due to the English weather and need for indoor entertainment.  So, you can capitalise on this by creating an offer for within your café, for example, this always works well and increases profit.


During the summer months when footfall can decrease due to so many outdoor activities being available and the warmer, dry weather the offers can be changed.  There is a big need to drive customers back into our customer’s venues. A discount on entrance has proven to be a great incentive when our customer venue may be quieter.


As children’s parties are such a key element to soft play centres it goes without saying that most of our customers like to include a party offer from time to time to keep their party bookings full.


Although some may feel that vouchers can be seen to devalue business, we at Benjo Party believe if used in the right way they can be seen as a ‘Thank You’ to your loyal customers, along with these: –


What are the main reasons to use voucher codes?


  • Attract new customers in a crowded market
  • A way to capture potential new customer’s data for research on repeat custom and/or region visiting from
  • It can be used to offer a loyalty card
  • Advertise future discounts or offers
  • Offer group booking discounts
  • Highlight your products/services
  • Opportunity to collaborate with one of your suppliers


Also, if parents have picked up their child who comes home with a party bag that contains a unique voucher and it’s their child’s first visit and they are all excited, telling their parents how much they loved the venue – what is that parent likely to do? Exactly – they will be encouraged by your ‘call to action’ of redeeming their party bag voucher code, by booking a party for their child.


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voucher codes available for your business

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