Create A Difference In Soft Play With Branded Party Bags

create a difference in soft play with branded party bags

DID YOU KNOW: Parties in soft play centres generate over 30% of their total revenue?


With so much competition in the party market, it can be hard to stand out from a competitor. What is included in a party package should represent the value a company brings, and the needs of the parents who buy the party. This is why we focus on Branded Party Bags.


Back in 2011, I turned my focus to the world of party bags, and founded Benjo Bags. We are now the market leader in providing branded party bags to party venues throughout the UK. The understanding we have of the party industry has enabled us to help, and advise our clients with their branded party bags, and party packages.


I noticed a need in the market for branded party bags and I looked at the way other people were doing it and how rigid it was. The usual “you can have a box of this or nothing”, or “we don’t have that, you can have this” was something I was coming across on a regular basis. I put a lot of thought into the model of resealable, changeable, low minimums and being bespoke and soon found myself with the perfect mix for soft play centres looking at ways to offer their customers something unique.


Benjo Bags offers value by giving the soft play centres the time to focus on delivering a great experience for the children, and our party bags continue that experience after the party.


If you are a soft play centre with hundreds of children walking through your doors, you should be offering something fun, and unique. I believe our branded party bag solution ticks a lot of the boxes for the larger player, multi-site operators and smaller independent single site operators. That’s still the lead of the business, the model is still the same and we have the voucher codes on the bags, which come pre-packed with toys at a budget that is matched to the needs of the customer.


We are unique in the way that we deliver our branded party bags. Our lead times are short, and we usually deliver between 7-10 with low minimum order quantities. You will no longer have to order YEARS worth of party bags which you can’t store, and have to wait 6 weeks for them to arrive.


When Indoor Play reached out to me earlier this year for an interview, I was more than happy to share my thoughts on how branded party bags can make a difference to soft play centres. One of the key points I touched on during this interview, was the importance of vouchers in the soft play industry.


I said the following;

“Anyone offering birthday parties for 15-20 children per party – that’s 14-19 children who are also going to have a party in the next 12 months that you can offer a birthday child goes free voucher to, for example and that’s very valuable too. A single site looks at the same things as a multi-site operator – footfall and secondary spend. It depends on time of year for soft play, but it’s all about getting footfall back into the centre through the summer months and increasing secondary spend in the winter month when the footfall will be high.


The tried and tested method is to always offer someone a voucher towards a party booking if the bags are for a party, because so many of them are looking to book parties too. Or when you’re quiet, offer a return visit or something else to push them through the centre.”


In the four and a half years we have been trading the soft play industry has changed a lot and our unique branded party bags are so adaptable that they suitable all year round, for a seasonal event or new marketing plan. Stand out from the competition with a branded party bag that creates an experience and can bring in a return on investment.


To read the full interview with Indoor Play Magazine, please click here. If you are interested in reading more about our branded party bags, and delivering a great experience for the children please either contact us via, or visit our branded party bags page here.